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ELF Capital Group About

Innovative and customized capital solutions for leading companies, entrepreneurs, managers and investors ranging from €10m to €40m.

Tailor-made Solutions

Our approach is as unique as every company and situation. We support entrepreneurs, management teams and equity-sponsors with the capital and structure they need to achieve their individual goals. Our work ethic is unpretentious, solid and fast – “we want to get things done”.


We apply best practice toolkits matched with our deep knowledge of the specific needs for ‚Mittelstand‘ companies to achieve outstanding results. Our commitment is to bring a new standard of transparency, professionalism and partnership to mid-market private debt.

Balanced Approach

We are a strong and reliable partner for both - our investors and our borrowers - balancing risk and return through all market cycles. Integrity, loyalty and open communication are key for our relationships with all stakeholders. We are a trusted and long-term partner for entrepreneurs, private equity investors, managers and advisors.


We believe in the lower mid market opportunity as superior companies and management teams often lack access to customized financing solutions. Flexible structures, creative approaches and competitive terms are the basis for success and higher returns for all our counterparties.

Our Approach

Investment philosophy and values
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